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Community maintained list of resources for Marketplace vendors

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Hi 👋!

The purpose of this page is to collect usefull resources for Marketplace vendors.

Communication channels

I need help!

If you need help from Atlassian, you can either go to the developer community:

Or you can file a support ticket (however - the first place should be if possible): (critical issues/bugs) (marketplace vendor support)

Slack channel

There is an informal slack channel for all Marketplace vendors. This channel is not governed by any NDA, so please make sure to only post publicly available information.

You can sign up for the Marketplace Vendor Slack channel here: Please make sure to use your business email address (no @gmail, @yahoo, @outlook).

Getting started with app development


Marketing resources

Marketplace resources


Please fee free to add additional resources to this page by opening a pull request

Make sure to mention your pending pull request in the slack channel!